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TimerScale Kitchen Scale, White
TimerScale Kitchen Scale, White
TimerScale Kitchen Scale, White
TimerScale Kitchen Scale, White

Jacob Jensen

TimerScale Kitchen Scale, White

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JACOB JENSEN TimerScale has the exclusive feature of a kitchen scale with an incorporated kitchen timer.

The functionality of the TimerScale is easy and hands-on. To use the scale function, place the TimerScale on a flat surface. The scale automatically switches off after two minutes when it is not in use. For use of the timer function, hang the scale on the wall using the included aluminium wall mount knob. The maximum countdown time is 12 hours / 00 minutes / 00 seconds. Other features include the possibility to pause and restart count-down time. Maximum count-up time after sound of alarm is one hour.

The product was awarded the prestigious German iF product design award in 2011. 

Item Number: 32052
Additive weighing, choice of kg or lbs, auto switch-off. Integrated timer function when mounted on the wall (knob included). 12-hour count-down, last setting memory, alarm and one-hour count-up time.

Units of measure: kg or lb
Materials: Aluminium, PMMA, ABS with sprayed rubber coating.
Color: White
Dimensions: WxHxD 105x270x23 mm
Power Supply: 3x AAA 1,5V

Note: Batteries are not included!