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New Line 736 Men's Watch, Ø36 mm
New Line 736 Men's Watch, Ø36 mm

Jacob Jensen

New Line 736 Men's Watch, Ø36 mm

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The design of the JACOB JENSEN New Series has been revisited three times since its release in 1995, resulting in some subtle yet significant changes to its design. The inner face of the watch has got a vertical dropped groove, which extenuates its three dimensional quality. It amplifies the illusion of the strap flowing seamlessly around the watch face.

The updated models are available in 39 mm*, 35 mm and 29 mm watchcases.

*Only models: 732, 733, 750, 753, 757 and 758. 

Series: New Line
Item Number: 32736
Color: Grey, Black, Gold
Materials: Stainless steel, mineral crystal glas, rubber
Dimensions: Ø 3,6 cm
Movement: Ronda
Strap: Rubber (Interchangeable)
Second Hand: Yes
Date Hand: Yes
Water resistance: Up to 3 bar