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Electric Kettle, Silver, 0.6 L
Electric Kettle, Silver, 0.6 L
Electric Kettle, Silver, 0.6 L
Electric Kettle, Silver, 0.6 L

Jacob Jensen

Electric Kettle, Silver, 0.6 L

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The JACOB JENSEN Electric Kettle is a light cordless kettle designed in sandblasted aluminium with black exteriors. The user functions on the electric kettle series are easy and intuitive to use, and the various features create a unique experience for the user; Design at its best – with no compromises made as to functionality. The kettle has the very distinctive and exclusive feature of optional wall mounting. Simply hang your kettle on the wall; then it’s always to hand though it doesn’t take up space.

Item Number: 32073
Features: Cordless electric kettle with 0.6 l capacity and 360° base. Optional wall mount, ergonomic handle, one-touch opening, water level indicator, safety lid with automatic switch-off and removable limescale filter.

Color: Silver
Weight: Approx. 1kg
Materials: PC, PP, sandblasted aluminium, PA66+GF
Dimensions: H 162 mm (177 mm incl. base) x W 214 mm x D 130 mm
Opterational Temperature: Approx. 120°C
Power Supply: AC 220-240V ~ 50/60Hz, 1370-1630 W max.