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Classic 515 Men's Watch, Ø28 mm
Classic 515 Men's Watch, Ø28 mm

Jacob Jensen

Classic 515 Men's Watch, Ø28 mm

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In 1985, Timothy Jacob Jensen designed two wristwatches in collaboration with the Danish watch manufacturer Max René. The watches were made of titanium with a soft silicon treatment on the strap and a lens made of sapphire crystal. The silver and black dial of the watches created an association with the daily cycle of night and day and light and dark.

In 1986, the Museum of Modern Art in New York included the watches in its Design Study Collection. They were the first products marketed under the trademark of JACOB JENSEN. 

Series: Classic
Item Number: 32515
Color: Silver, Black, White
Materials: Titanium, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
Dimensions: Ø 2,8 cm
Movement: Ronda (Quartz)
Strap: Stainless steel mesh
Second Hand: Yes
Date Hand: Yes
Water resistance: Up to 3 bar