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Chrono 600 Men's Watch, Ø37 mm
Chrono 600 Men's Watch, Ø37 mm

Jacob Jensen

Chrono 600 Men's Watch, Ø37 mm

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The chronograph was introduced as a wristwatch in 1910. Since then, the design hasn’t radically changed. Most chronographs made through history are more or less variations on the same theme: The more numbers, divisions and details, the better! But one should not forget that a watch is both an article for everyday use and an ornament. Therefore we decided to create a different chronograph. A watch, which is simple and beautiful, regardless of time and place, but which at the same time meets most of the demands made on chronographs. 

Series: Chronograph
Item Number: 32600
Color: Matt black, Silver
Materials: Matt titanium, scratch resistant sapphire, rubber (interchangeable)
Dimensions: Ø 3,7 cm
Movement: Ronda (Quartz)
Strap: Rubber (interchangeable)
Second Hand: Yes
Date Hand: Yes
Water resistance: Up to 3 bar