Wall Clock 320, Black/White

Wall Clock 320, Black/White

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Jacob Jensen

A sense of purity pervades the minimal design of the clock with its simple circular face set in an elegant square frame. The clock face has no digits, which allows the clean lines of the hands to glide elegantly across the blank canvas, marking time.

The play between distance and closeness, key themes in Jacob Jensen Design, are communicated through the relationship between the clock’s flat appearance from afar, and its gentle curves seen up close. The convex curve of the clock casing ensures that the timepiece hangs proud on the wall, enhancing its quiet beauty. The JACOB JENSEN Wall Clock with its timeless, eternally modern style is ideal for the home or office and is sure to add simplicity and purity.

Item Number: 32320
Color: Black, White
Aluminium and MDF
Dimensions: HxWxD 350 x 350 x 40 mm
Movement: Quartz

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